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Easy, convenient and practical.

This simple and easy to use breast pump is the ideal choice for mums on the go who want a quick, discreet and affordable solution when expressing their breastmilk. Ideal for occasional expressing.

Manual Breast Pump

SKU: LH50555
    • ComfortFit™ breast cushion for better fit and suction
    • Easy Express™ handle to reduce hand fatigue
    • Giving mums full control of their pumping experience
    • One bottle to pump, store and feed 
    • for convenience and ease
    • Quick and easy to use, assemble and clean
    • Quiet, compact and lightweight
    • 2 Phase Technology – easy switch between let down and expression phases to mimic baby’s natural sucking pattern
    • One Manual Breast Pump
    • NaturalWave® teat which helps maintain established breastfeeding patterns
    • Sealing disc so bottle can be used as a breast milk storage container
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