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Relieves mastitis, engorged breasts & encourages let down.

THERA°PEARL® Breast Therapy Packs can be used hot or cold, according to mum’s needs. The unique pearl technology ensures packs remain flexible at all times, perfectly adjusting to the breast’s shape for maximum comfort and 360° relief. 

THERA°PEARL® 3-in-1 Hot or Cold Breast Therapy Packs

SKU: LH10400
    • Microwave and use warm to relieve blocked ducts, mastitis and engorgement 
    • Apply to your breasts to stimulate the milk let-down reflex before breastfeeding 
    • Use warm with a breast pump to encourage milk let-down, promote faster milk flow and reduce time spent pumping
    • Freeze to use cold to help relieve pain and swelling due to engorgement
    • 2 reusable therapy packs
    • 2 protective covers
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