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Babe-Eeze Baltic Amber is believed to be the perfect, natural relief for teething related issues such as pain, inflammation and irritability. 


Baltic Amber is said to be activated by body heat and may lead to reduced swelling of the gums. 


It is to be worn by the baby when supervised and not when the baby sleeps. This is not a necklace to be used for teething as the beads must not be placed in the baby’s mouth.


Our Baltic Amber Necklaces comes in two amber colours; a dark amber and lighter, more yellow amber.


Bust used for demonstration purposes only, not included in purchase.

Baltic Amber Necklace

  • The necklaces measure approximately 34 centimeters in unclasped length including the screw clasps – this size may vary because of the uniquely sized amber beads used in the necklace.

    Included in the box with the Baltic Amber necklace is a small drawstring cotton bag for storage that is 7 centimeters by 9 centimeters as well as a certificate of authenticity.

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