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Helps breastfeeding continue through latch-on difficulties.

Lansinoh® Contact Nipple Shields are effective tools for addressing short term latch-on issues related to premature, small, or unwell infants as well as flat or inverted nipples, tongue tie, lip tie, or overactive let-down, until they can be resolved.

Contact Nipple Shields

SKU: 0010
    • Enables breastfeeding continuation
    • Facilitates baby’s latch-on while temporarily protecting against soreness
    • Facilitates skin to skin
    • Special cut-out design for maximum skin to skin contact while breastfeeding
    • Comfortable
    • Ultra thin, super soft and flexible
    • 100% silicone 
    • 2 Nipple shields in selected size
    • Protective case for hygienic and convenient storage
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